10 Most haunted Places on Earth

  1. Chateau Miranda, Belgium

Chateau Miranda, Belgium

The Chateau Miranda is a castle which was built by the French who used to live in Belgium before and during the French Revolution. It was abandoned by the French owners after the revolution ended. The Miranda castle was used as an orphanage for children who lost their parents during the World War II. After it was abandoned in the year 1980, no human being went to live in it again. It is believed to be a haunted place where ghosts of the past reside.

  1. Wreck of the SS America, Canary Islands

Wreck of the SS America, Canary Islands

The SS America ship was constructed in the year 1940. It was an ocean liner which was used for 54 years until it got wrecked in 1994. The ship served for carrying passengers from one point of the world to the other for many years. It also served for transporting Nazi spies during the reign of Adolf Hitler on Germany. However, after its wreckage, the ship stands as a haunted place.

  1. The White House, United States of America

The White House, USA

The White House is one of the most important official places in the United States of America. It is the world’s most mysterious place. The White House is believed to have the spirits of the dead presidents’ souls roaming about its rooms, halls and gardens. It is said that the dead presidents have not been able to detach themselves of the charisma of the White House.

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