10 Must visit tourist Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country full of beautiful people and places. It is one of those places which are gifted by nature. There are a large number of tourist sites in the country. However, we have put forward ten of the most popular tourist places in Pakistan in this article for the readers.

  1. Daaman e Koh

Daman e Koh, Islamabad Pakistan

Daaman e Koh is a place in Islamabad which is the capital of the country. Islamabad is in all means the best tourist place in Pakistan. It is a city which is famous for its greenery and simple beauty. Daaman e Koh is one of the many tourist sites in Islamabad. It is situated on a cliff, high above the city from where the beauty of the place can be seen in full view. Daaman e Koh has some wonderful dining places which offer quality food to the tourists.

  1. Nathiagali

Nathiagali, Pakistan

Nathiagali is one of the galiyat in the northern region of Pakistan. It is a small place however it is full of beautiful sights for the tourists. The monkeys of Nathiagali are the most famous species. They tend to come really near the tourists. The place is full of lush trees and colorful flowers.

  1. Minar e Pakistan

Minar-e-Pakistan-Lahore best tourist places in Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan is a symbol of the struggle for freedom of the Muslims of the Subcontinent. It was built in Lahore as a reminder of the many sacrifices that the Muslims have endured for attaining a separate homeland for themselves. The Minar e Pakistan is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is the perfect tourist place in Pakistan.

  1. Soon Sakesar

Photo of Lake-Soon-Sakaisar

Soon Sakesar is a small valley which lies at a distance of 290 kilometers from Islamabad. The place is of green mountains and beautiful sceneries. The Baba Golra mosque in the Soon Sakesar valley is a wonderful sight. It is built on a high cliff however; its white minarets can be seen from a distance. There is a single hotel at present which can be lodged by tourists in the Soon Sakesar valley.

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