10 Must visit tourist Places in Pakistan

  1. LuluSar Lake

LuluSar Lake, Pakistan

To reach Lulu Sar Lake, tourists have to travel for two to three hours on jeeps through the dangerous mountains of the Kaghan valley. The lake is a beautiful sight to watch. The water of the lake is crystal clear. The lake is surrounded by mountains. The shade of the mountains reflecting in the clear water of the lake gives a bewitching sight to the beholders.

  1. Sarri and Paye

Sarri and Paye, Pakistan

Sarri and Paye are two tourist places in Pakistan which should not be missed. They are situated in the high mountains of the Shogran valley. Sarri comes before Paye. It can be reached by riding a jeep from the Shogran city. Sarri and Paye are two beautiful mountain tops. They can be seen on foot or by horse riding.  The clouds glide within reach of the travelers at these peaks.

  1. Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley, Pakistan

Kalash valley is one of the oldest tourist places in Pakistan. It is a valley which is inhabited by the Kalash people who carry their own culture and beliefs. It is situated in the Chitral district. The Kalash people follow a very old Greek civilization. They have their own rituals which are very different from the ones which their neighbors celebrate. However, the people of Kalash are very hospitable towards their guests.

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