10 Must visit tourist Places in Pakistan

  1. Port Fountain

Port Fountain, Karachi Pakistan

The city of Karachi is known as the largest business centre in Pakistan. It is also one of the most popular tourist places in Pakistan. The Port Fountain is a tourist attractive place in the city of Karachi. The Port Fountain is famous for its world’s third largest fountain which rises up to the height of 620ft. It is situated near the Oyster Rocks in the Karachi harbor.

  1. Makli Graveyard

Makli Graveyard, Thatta

Makli graveyard is one of those tourist places in Pakistan which gives a sad and beautiful view at the same time. It is situated a few kilometers away from the city of Thatta. It is said that the graveyard is a home to over 125,000 rulers and saints who roamed the land. The Makli graveyard has been made a part of the World Heritage List as well.

  1. Ziarat

Ziarat, Pakistan

Ziarat is a place where one of the most important land marks for the Pakistanis is situated. The Ziarat city in Baluchistan is where the founder of the country Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah used to come in his leisure times. His residence stands amongst the beautiful forests of the Ziarat city. The city is also an important tourist place in Pakistan because of the recent terrorist attack that the Jinnah residency has seen. The house was rebuilt by the present prime minister of Pakistan as a challenge to the terrorists who do not want peace in the country.

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