10 Must Visit tourist places in Switzerland

Switzerland is known to be heaven on Earth. It is the country which young people choose for their honeymoon after marriage. There are some very beautiful tourist places in Switzerland which are a great profit for the economy of the country. It is wonderful to note that for a small country as Switzerland, the number of tourist attractions is many. The most visited of these tourist attractions are listed below for the readers to review.

  1. Chateau de Chillon

Chateau de Chillon

The Chateau de Chillon is a beautiful castle built on the shores of Lake Geneva. The castle is a memory of the 11th Century Swiss civilization. With its towers, courtyards, rooms and dungeons, the castle is a monument of the structure and splendor of the architecture brilliance of the Swiss kings. The things used by the kings of the Swiss kings, queens and warriors can be seen preserved as heritage in the castle.

  1. The Rhine Falls


The Rhine Falls are one of the most majestic tourist places in Switzerland. They are nature’s gift to the people of Switzerland and the tourists who visit them. The Rhine Falls are situated near the Schaffhausen city in Northern Switzerland. The Rhine Falls carry a rock in their centre which carries the preserves of a thousand year old architecture. The castles of Worth and Laufen stand on this rock as yet another tourist attraction.

  1. Creux du Van

Photo of creux-du-van

A Tourist sitting at Creux Du Van, Switzerland

The Creux du Van is a beautiful valley where clouds come to meet the peeks of the mountains. The valley is a home to lush forests and arctic-alpine flora. Moreover, the Fontaine Froide waterfall among the Creux du Van valley is a wonder in its own. The water of this waterfall remains constant in its temperature of four degrees Celsius all year long.

  1. Swiss National Park

One of the best tourist destination in the world, Swiss National Park

Stunning mountain views. Image by Andy Christiani/Lonely Planet.

The Swiss National Park is full of beautiful mountains and forests. It is also a home to the wild animals which are the most beautiful attraction in the Swiss National Park. The national park was opened for the general public in the year 1914. It is situated near the city of Zernez and spread on an area of 169 square kilometers.

  1. La Maison du Gruyere AOP

Cheese making at La Maison du Gruyere AOP

The La Maison du Gruyere AOP is a dairy show which is held every day for natives and tourists to view. It is located in the city of Pringy where interested people can come to view the making of cheese in the Swiss traditional ways. The show is a call of the nature and its products to a world which is very much submersed into processed foods and artificial diets.

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  1. Maison Cailler

Maison Cailler – La Chocolaterie Suisse

Chocolate is not only a dessert, it is an ingredient for enjoying the smallest of the pleasures that life has to offer. The Maison Cailler is a chocolate factory situated in the city of Broc which allows the visitors to indulge into the magic of chocolate. It is a splendid tourist place in Switzerland which provides an insight into the corporate world of the country and also adds sweetness to the time of the lives of those who come to taste the Caille chocolate.

  1. Pilatus

Mount Pilatus - Top 10 Must visit Places in Switzerland

Mt. Pilatus is a tourist place in Switzerland near the lake city of Lucerne. It consists of some wonderful summits. The cable cars of Mt. Pilatus are the most fun to ride. They are a source of excitement and adventure for the tourists as through the cable car ride; they can have a view of the beautiful Swiss Alps around them and the lake below.

  1. Alimentarium


The founder of Nestle, Henri Nestle established the Alimentarium in Vevey in the year 1839. The Alimentarium is a museum of nutrition where food experts gather to discuss the nutritious value of food for the human body. Tourists can study the history of Nestle at the Alimentarium and also view the making of their products at the cooking stations.

  1. Museum of Music Boxes and Automations

Museum for Music Automatons

Sainte-Croix is the Museum of Music Boxes and Automations in the village of Canton Vaud. Santé-Croix is known as the world capital for the production of musical boxes. It was Antoine Favre-Salomon of Geneva who invented gave the concept of music boxes to the Swiss people. The museum has a statue of Antoine Favre-Salomon in the position of making his calculations.

  1. Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is not only one of the most popular tourist places in Switzerland, but it is known for the position it holds in the world politics. It is the third largest and second most populous city in Switzerland. The city is also known for the tourist attractions such as festivals, restaurants and museums. Geneva is the centre of the Swiss culture and traditions, thus the festivals and food are representative of the way the Swiss lead their lives.

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