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Unique travel images. Hundreds of photos from Europe and the USA.


dojoMy name is Ramona Iftode, I am a web designer, active blogger and beginner photographer.

I own a Nikon D5100 camera and love taking pictures wherever I go. We traveled a lot in the past years, so you’ll be able to see photos from various European countries and even the USA.

The photo albums get updated frequently, make sure you don’t miss anything new. Should you like the pictures, feel free to share the albums on the social media sites.

You can visit my online portfolio to see what I can do when it comes to designing unique looking web sites and also use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

Thank you for dropping by. Enjoy!

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Travel destinations

Alabama Albania Atlanta Barcelona Berlin Boita Bosnia and Herzegovina Densus Deva Dresden Faget Florida Georgia Germany Hunedoara Long Island Margina Montgomery Mostar New York New York City Panama City Beach Resita Romania Savannah Shkoder Sibiu Spain Timisoara USA